Shabby chic furniture always has something to got me interested. The interior design trends shabby chic style is the middle of the latter lately. Themes that present the impression of vintage and cheerful is suitable for you who want to make the room look sweet and feminine.

In addition, to beautify the room in your home, the shabby chic theme is also friendlier in the bag you know! How not, this theme prioritizes furniture that has been used and looks old to create the impression of vintage. Then how to choose the right shabby chic furniture?

Shabby Chic Furniture Things to Pay Attention

Notice the shabby chic color

Shabby chic generally carries a color that impressed calm, so white, pastel, and beige is a must to create this theme. In addition to the basic colors, you can also add other colors such as dark green to green mint, pink, pink, light blue, light brown, or other colors that give the impression of calm and not flashy.


Note the elements used

In addition to color, furniture elements that are used should also be considered. Generally, the fabric material used for this theme is cotton, linen and muslin. Linen is usually more commonly used mainly for tablecloths, curtains, pillowcases, and other objects. This fabric material can also be combined with other elements, such as:

  • Burlap: for all the soft and bumpy shabby chic textiles, you need to balance it with the burlap to get a rough and natural look. The jute fabric is popular because it adds sharpness and texture to objects that look beautiful.
  • Whitewash wood: Because objects in the shabby chic theme have vintage touches, the flaky and layered models or accessories are one of the main points. Texture and age that impressed old will be well-liked in this one theme.
  • Lace: Lace is very suitable to be a companion for cotton and muslin because of the texture is smooth and petite. Lace becomes a classic element of shabby chic commonly applied to curtains, pillowcases to tablecloths.
  • Metals: Tin and aluminum materials work best for shabby chic themes when there is damage and wear. Painted and sanded metal creates beautiful vintage charms in your home furniture and accessories.


Notice the printed motif

Printed motif also determines the impression shabby chic arising in furniture. The most widely used are usually florals. This motif will make furniture look elegant and draw attention to the details. The paisley motif can also be used to create a smooth and attractive addition to any shabby chic furniture. The elaborate paisley motif becomes a counterweight to the calm colors that are shabby chic themes. In addition, simple stripes of motifs can also be the right choice to create a light and neutral impression on furniture.

Shabby chic furniture can be found easily in the market, as long as do not forget to pay attention to 3 important things above. If you are lazy to buy or have a mediocre budget, you can use existing furniture and change it into shabby chic style.