Decorating small spaces sometimes might confusing, the minimalist house does have its own advantages for the owner.

Besides being easier to clean, the minimalist house does not require much furniture and it is easier to reach one room to another room.

3 Tricks In Decorating small spaces

In addition, the minimalist home is also easier and cheaper in terms of decoration. If you intend to decorate your little house, here are 3 tricks for decorating small spaces you need to know to make small rooms in your home feel spacious and comfortable.


  1. Make the floor look free

One way to get around the small room is to create the illusion of space. This can be done by keeping as much floor space open as possible. The floors are free to allow you to pass around the house without the need to stumble by the objects around it. The open floor also makes the room look more clean and tidy. How to make the floor look free? It’s easy, you only need to choose furniture with long legs or floating model to make the room look free and feels light. Avoid the use of furniture that takes up a lot of space and cover the floor because it will make the room look crowded.


  1. Apply multi-function mode

Multi-function is mandatory in decorating a minimalist home. The purpose of multi-function is to combine many functions into one space or object. Apply this model to 2 important things, namely room and furniture. If your residence has a limited number of rooms, it is important to maximize the functionality of each room. Combine 2 room functions, for example combining the bedroom and workroom or combining the dining room with the kitchen space. Greater if you can combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen space all in one room (if a room is big enough for that).

In addition to applying a multi-functional mode to the room, you should also apply it to furniture. Having multi-functional furniture is a great advantage for small rooms to make it look more spacious. Choose furniture that has a double function or more like a bed that has storage drawers underneath, choose a kitchen island that can be used as a place to cook as well as dining table, or wardrobe used as well as a dresser room. With this mode, you do not need a lot of furniture that will narrow down your home.


  1. Use a mirror to double the room

The mirror is the best friend for the small rooms in your home. The use of a mirror in one part of the room wall will create the illusion of space that makes it look bigger twice as much. There is no harm in using this trick in every room, even including the bathroom.

Decorating small spaces is the thing to do for your minimalist home to feel comfortable and spacious. No need to spend a lot of money to do so if you know about all the tricks above. Home is comfortable, you are happy!