Kitchen ideas for small kitchens right layout design is one of many aspects that have to think in kitchen design ideas. Starting by counting the purpose and size of the kitchen that will be used, after measuring and deciding the floor plans for the kitchen the layout design of a kitchen must be planned and been considered.

Not only the bedroom and family room that can be designed with a particular theme. Your small kitchen too! Designing a kitchen with a simple style, potluck, and a monotone color is quickly made bored. Do not let the boring kitchen design makes you lazy to go to the kitchen. You need kitchen ideas for small kitchens to change the kitchen atmosphere becomes more interesting and fun. To create a kitchen atmosphere like that, you can try applying three unique kitchen styles below to your kitchenette!

Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens You Can Try

Black and white style

The use of black and white in your little kitchen will make it look elegant, stunning, and look brand new. Generally, the kitchen with black and white style will be dominated by white. This is because the white color will make the kitchen look brighter and wider. For cabinets, you can choose a cabinet with a black top and bottom (including cabinet doors and cabinet drawers) that are white. Apply black on the window frame and white on the curtains. The walls should be painted or fitted with white wallpaper. Some kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, oven, microwave or stove can be selected in black. It does not have to be all black and white. You can apply some other colors on the decoration or other kitchen appliances, as long as 80% remain dominated by black and white.

Vintage style

Do not underestimate people who have ancient tastes. The vintage style has its own unique and interesting charm. In fact, today’s vintage style is becoming a trend among the public. Vintage is not just about fashion, photography, or home models. This style can also be applied in your small kitchen to make the kitchen look more magnificent, especially at night. For floors, you can use a chess floor tile to create a kitchen impression a la 1950s. The chess floor does not have to be black and white, it can also be pastel colors. Also use some old-fashioned furniture, such as refrigerators, cabinets, or wooden wall shelves. The walls can also be decorated with old school wallpaper.

Colorful style

You have a cheerful personality? This one style might suit you. The kitchen is filled with a variety of colors will make your kitchen look more bright and cheerful. No need to apply many colors. Designing a kitchen room with three or four dominant colors is enough to create a cheerful and fresh impression. We recommend using bright colors such as white, pink, orange, yellow, green, or light blue to make the room look brighter.

Do you like kitchen ideas for small kitchens above? Do not be confused to choose which style to use in your small kitchen. You are happy personality should choose colorful style. Or if you have a unique personality, vintage style might suit you. And if you’re an elegant person, black and white style is the right choice. Happy designing!