Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms can be a brilliant idea to decorate. For those of you who live alone, a small bathroom may be very fitting for your home or apartment. The small bathroom is also easier to clean, so it will not waste much of your time.

But the small bathroom has the impression of narrow and uncomfortable, so you need to work around it to look more spacious and comfortable when used. Here it is bathroom ideas for small bathrooms that can be applied to your small bathroom.

Items Required for Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

You may want to add some items to your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, you should think twice about whether the item is really necessary. Too many things will make your small bathroom look narrower. Here are some of the must-have items in the small bathroom.

  1. Washbasin

The washbasin is a must-have item that must be in every type of bathroom. For a small bathroom, use a hanging sink/wall attachment to provide more spacious rigid space. Use also the corner of the room as a place to install the sink to be more efficient and the bathroom looks roomy.

  1. Toilet

Like a sink, a toilet is also a must-have in the bathroom. Currently, the type of toilets already varies, from small to large size and models standing and hanging/sticking to the wall. Choose a small-sized toilet with a hanging model for your small bathroom.

  1. Hangers

When bathing, you should definitely hang your towel or clothes on a hanger. Use hanger that is practical and easy to install. You should install a hanger on the bathroom door or near the bath, or wherever you are easy to reach.

  1. Storage cabinet

To keep all toiletries such as soap, toothbrush, shampoo, and others need a storage cabinet. Instead of using a standing storage cabinet, better install a storage cabinet attached to the wall. This cabinet model is usually not only used in small bathrooms but in large bathrooms.

These items must necessarily be arranged in such a way as to make no impression on your small bathroom. Not only the arrangement of the items above, but the arrangement of a good bathroom also determines a beautiful and spacious impression.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms to Make It Look Spacious

Would be comfortable if your small bathroom has a spacious impression. Not only you, others will be comfortable in the bathroom. Here is a trick that can be done to make your small bathroom look more spacious.

  • Use a large mirror

A mirror is one of the powerful items in causing the widespread effect on the bathroom. Its reflections give the impression of the room when you look into it, especially if the glass used is large and show most of the bathroom wall.

  • Use shower

Use of the shower is more space efficient when compared to a bathtub or shower cubicle. In addition, the shower is also more efficient water. Avoid using glass as a limiting area because it will make the bathroom look narrow. We recommend using a shower curtain as a barrier.

  • Store only necessary items

Avoid unnecessary bathroom items or accessories. The fewer items in the bathroom will be more spacious impression gained.

  • Paint brightly colored walls

Bright colors on the walls of the bathroom can give a broad impression. It is advisable to use white because it can provide good lighting and make the bathroom look spacious.

No need to spend a lot of money to change your bathroom. By applying bathroom ideas for small bathrooms on top, guaranteed your small bathroom will look more spacious and comfortable when used. Good luck!