Black and white living room, what do you think of that? A living room is an important room in a house. Why? A living room is usually a benchmark assessment of a home because this room is generally the first place visited by guests during a visit.

Of course, the beautiful living room reflects a beautiful home anyway. To make it beautiful, you can try various interesting concepts, one of the black and white living room. This concept will make your living room look more beautiful and luxurious. Interested to try it?

Choosing Floor for Black and White Living Room

One of the most common decorations of this concept is the floor with a chessboard motif. The excess, you no longer need to use the carpet in the living room because the motif floor that has been impressed ‘crowded’. In addition to the chessboard motif, you can also use a wholly white floor and with a black or zebra-patterned carpet on it. Should not use a floor that is entirely black because it will seem dark in the room. You can also choose black and white ceramics with your own motif of choice, but of course, the white colour motif should dominate.

Black and White Living Room Wall

The concept of black and white living room is perfect if you want to make the room look spacious and not monotonous. To make it look spacious, choose a white wall paint colour for the entire room. While not to look monotonous, use black paint for window frames or door frames. Or if you want more style, use wallpaper to cover the entire wall of the house. Choose the wallpaper with black/white, with white as the dominant colour to make the room look brighter.

Choosing Furniture for Black and White Living Room

After dominating the floor and walls with white, it is time to dominate the furniture with black so that the living room does not look monotonous. You can choose a sofa or chair, table, and cabinet that are all black or black domination. If choosing a couch that is entirely black, make sure the pillows are used black and white motifs such as zebra or chess board so the colour does not seem ‘dead’. Also put some accessories such as wall clocks, flower vases, ashtrays, or jars with similar motives. Installing coloured flowers in a flower vase will be a special attraction in a room that is all black and white.

Before you start decorating the black and white living room, decide which dominant colours to use, whether white or black. If you prefer the black colour, you can decorate the floor and wall with black dominance. However, you should pay attention to lighting the room so that the room does not seem dark. Try not to install too many accessories/decorations in the room does not seem too crowded and narrow. Happy decorating!