Cloakroom Ideas Vintage and Artistic – The cloakroom is a room that has a toilet and sink. This room is usually made for guests who come to visit.

Although cloakroom only has a small room as the place of placement the design for this room is not limited. You can design and decorate this room with a variety of themes that make guests comfortable with the state of the cloakroom.

The monotonous, unfashionable Cloakroom will give the impression of gloom and horror that guests may be afraid of when using this room. Therefore, in this discussion, we will discuss more the cloakroom ideas that you can make a reference to your cloakroom.

Cloakroom Ideas Vintage and Artistic

Here are 3 Best Cloakroom Ideas You Should Try

Vintage Cloakroom

If usually, the cloakroom will have a white base color then if you lift this vintage theme you can use various types of color example one of them is to involve the natural color of the wooden ornament that makes cloakroom ideas will look natural. In cloakroom, we can design wall with the wooden ornament to add vintage impression. We can also build a cabinet at the bottom of the sink to place toiletries such as toilet paper and other toilet hygiene tools. Then, to design the use of glass on the sink you can use a glass with a box design with a simple frame that can make your cloakroom look simple but not monotonous. The addition of other decorations such as small plants will make your cloakroom look more comfortable.

Artistic Cloakroom

If on the previous cloakroom ideas, we focus on simplicity then on this theme we will do the focus by using many wall decorations such as paintings or unique images that adorn the cloakroom to add an artistic impression. The selection of colors that you use you can customize with the image you have. The design of the mirror used usually has an artistic design with a complicated frame. The shape of the mirror you can choose as you wish both round and box. Or if you have a more artistic ode you can design glass with a sleek design or an irregular shape that makes the mirror look attractive.

The Old Wooden Frame Cloakroom Ideas

The one prestige is a big frame in the wooden material; of course, it is a secondhand frame with a little flawed. Then who knows? The flawed that is scratched up in that frame could be a great antique side in right placing and decorating.

Applying the old frames could be adding the artistic and antique taste of a room decorating. The frames could be a creative idea to decorate our rooms. By the word of art in some blank frames that hang on the wall, it will look great in taste and environment.

The other easy way to decorate our walls is adding the flowers inside, but this is quite complicated because we have to recoup them in new and fresh looks every day. Because of that reason people are choosing the frames decoration as the favorite décor wall of cloakroom ideas.

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