Living room decorating ideas will make it easier for you to spend time with family. This is both important and fun. Family members usually spend quality time together in the living room, whether it is chatting, watching TV, or playing games.

That is why it is important to make living room decorating ideas comfortable and modern look so that family members feel at home for long. Here’s what you need to know!

Living Room Decorating Ideas – Watch The Furniture In The Living Room!

Selection of furniture in terms of type, color, and placement cannot be denied will affect the condition and appearance of the family room. For that reason, it is important to plan well what kind of furniture is appropriate for use in the living room.

  • Sofa

Sofas are mandatory items in the family room. Choose the most comfortable sofa to use. You can choose a sofa bed that comes with a pillow because it is comfortable to sit or lie down. Fortunately, the family room is small, the best option is the sofa that attached to the wall. But do not apply it to the big living room because it will impress like a hall.

  • TV

In addition to the sofa, TV is also a mandatory item in the family room. Note the distance between the TV and the sofa, do not get too far or too close. For TV sized ± 40 ‘is usually placed more than 2 meters from the sofa. As for the TV size 60 ‘is usually placed more than 3 meters.

  • Cabinet

Using a high cabinet to the ceiling of the house is a good choice. High cabinets can make a lot of goods, especially for decorations such as candles, flower vases, small jars or other decorations.

  • Carpet

The family room will be more beautiful with the carpet fur or carpet tribal motif. But should consider the proportions that match the sofa used. Carpets smaller than the size of the sofa provide a disproportionate visual. We recommend using a carpet that is the same proportions or slightly larger than the size of the sofa.

In addition to attention to the furniture used, it is important also to consider the atmosphere in the family room. The design of the living room used determines whether or not space is comfortable to use.

Notice The Atmosphere Of The Family Room!

Not only furniture, the atmosphere created in the family room becomes an important point that must be considered. The comfortable atmosphere makes quality time with family members longer.

  • Natural lighting

The sunlit living room will give the impression of more open and bright. Large windows can help build this impression. You can also use mirrors that reflect sunlight through windows. In addition, the mirror will also make the room seem more spacious.

  • Infinite family room

Or also called a multifunctional room where you make the family room together with the rooms next to it. For example, you can unite the family room, dining room, and kitchen space at once if the separation wall is removed or widen the door that connects it.

  • Proper wall paint color

For small living rooms, bright white or pastel colors may be the best option to make the room look more spacious. However, you can also choose soothing colors like dark blue or dark grey combined with brightly colored furniture.

  • Make corner decoration

For a small family room, it is impossible to store or install decorations in any place because it will make the family room look narrow. Use one corner of the room that is devoted to saving the decoration of the family room. You can install shelves, tables or cabinets to store interesting ornaments.

With living room decorating ideas as above, your living room will feel comfortable and modern look. Also, calculate the cost to be incurred. To design a family room does not need expensive, so long as you know what is needed and choose the right goods.