Looking for some utility room ideas? For those of you who have a small utility room, you need some ideas for utility room to be able to take advantage of space as much as possible. Having a narrow and congested utility room certainly makes it uncomfortable.

So, what to do? Enlarge the room? No need, it will only cost you a lot. More precisely, you just need to pay attention to the things below utility room ideas to make the utility room look more spacious and comfortable.

Built-In Utility Room Ideas

This is the trickiest trick to get around your small utility room. All-in-one furniture built-in model will provide more space in the utility room, especially wider and free foot space so no need to worry the foot will stumble. Attach some open shelves to store cleaning products and fragrances above the washing machine or near the ironing board. That way you do not need any extra space. You can also install a rack with hooks and trunks near the door to make it easier when hanging clothes or wet raincoats after doing activities outside the home. In addition to shelves, you can also hang a basket of clothes near the washing machine.

The built-in model can also be applied to an ironing board. This type of ironing board will be easily raised or lowered when not in use. This will fit perfectly with the small utility room.


Utility Room Ideas: The Importance of Multifunctional Space and Furniture

If the utility room is too small, there is no harm in combining this room with other adjacent rooms. For example, you can remove the dividing wall between the utility room and the kitchen space to make it a larger room. Combining two rooms like this allows you to control the activity of the washing machine while cooking in the kitchen.

In addition to multifunctional space, multifunctional furniture is also required. This is very important especially for those of you who have a small utility room. For example, you can install a hanging rack next to a storage cabinet or install an ironing board in the closet. If planning to buy a cabinet, choose a cabinet that can keep the washing machine in it and there is a sanctuary/sink on it.

Set the washing machine vertically!