How to decorate bedroom? There are many ways to decorate the bedroom, one way is to adjust the bedroom decoration with personality style.

Many people say if the condition of the bedroom reflects the personality of the owner. Interested to redecorate your bedroom? Let’s find out how to decorate the bedroom according to your personality style!

The theme reflects the personality style

How to decorate bedroom? Whatever bedroom theme you use will determine your personality style. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing a bedroom theme to suit your taste. Convenience is the most important point. If haphazardly chooses a theme and it does not match your personality, then the discomfort is what you will feel. Those of you who like the unique stuff might fit into the rustic theme, or you who are always cheerful will probably like the eclectic theme. Besides the theme moreover that you can choose? Let’s find out below!

6 Themes on How to Decorate Bedroom According to Personality Style

Here are some bedroom themes that you can choose from. Choose a theme that you think matches your personality style.

  1. Rustic

You who like the unique things can try this one-bedroom theme. Rustic, is a rustic bedroom theme. The element commonly used in this theme is wood, which is applied to walls, beds, lamps, chairs, or other furniture. The point is ‘rural simplicity’.

  1. Scandinavian

Are you the kind of person who is simple and not complicated? Maybe this one theme is perfect for you. Scandinavian features themes with common elements such as large glass windows, white painted walls and ceilings, white blankets, white curtains, neutral tones on cushions and rugs, as well as wooden furniture and flooring.

  1. Eclectic

The theme of an electric bedroom combines historical elements to create something new and original. This theme applies brightly colored elements with an emphasis on geometric patterns and dynamic and vibrant room decorations.

  1. Modern Mid-century

This theme also brings simplicity like Scandinavian, only modern mid-century theme more nuanced vintage. This theme features architectural styles, interiors, products, and graphic designs depicting the atmosphere of the 1950s.

  1. Retro

In contrast to modern mid-century, the retro theme depicts the atmosphere of the 40s to early 70s. This theme relates to the genres of rock and roll, punk rock, disco, hip hop and hippies. The retro theme you can mix with modern nuances.

  1. Asia

The last and most popular nowadays, is the theme of Asian bedrooms. This theme is a blend of several different elements from across the region, usually dominated by Japanese and Chinese influences, even India and the Middle East.

So how to decorate bedroom with themes? that can be custom-made to your taste and style of personality. Be careful in choosing a theme for the bedroom, do not just choose a theme just because the cost is cheaper or less complicated. Make sure the theme is matched with the taste and style of personality so you feel comfortable while in the bedroom itself.