Dining table sets should be chosen by considering what theme in your house. in addition to living room, kitchen and rooms, decorations and furniture in the dining room should also be considered. The main furniture that must have a dining room is a dining set consisting of tables and chairs. Dining sets have different sizes, materials and styles.

Why is dining set needed in the dining room? Of course, to use when we eat cooked food in the kitchen and entertaining guests who come to our homes. the choice of dining set becomes very important because the nuances possessed by each different style and comfort it has become very important that when we eat our food is not disturbed by the shape or an uncomfortable chair. Therefore, the choice of dining set should be considered. In this discussion, we will discuss the selection of theme dining table sets that you can use to increase the comfort of your dining room.

Dining Table Sets Theme

In building the feel of a dining room, using of the different style from dining table sets to be the main thing. Different styles will certainly make different feel as well. Therefore, you must carefully select and adjust dining table sets with themes and comfort you want. Here there are 3 styles that are most often used in choosing dining sets

  1. Traditional, traditional themes with oval table shape and the type of French chair will show luxurious impression because the form of chairs and tables will be decorated with various ornaments carvings. And the use of colors like white and gold will add to the impression of luxury in this dining set. in addition to the traditional fancy style, theme is also able to build a vintage impression with a combined table with a sharp side and type of Windsor seats.
  2. Contemporary, this type of style is a kind of innovation made from the traditional style, which on the chair, this style usually uses fabric style which is almost similar to the French chair. However, the use of the table used is not oval, but rectangular or square.
  3. Minimalist, this type of style brings simplicity to the dining set that. Table materials used in this type of style is a metal or glass material and combined with the modern chair

Dining Chair Style

In addition to using dining table sets, you can also mix matching table with various types of dining chair to display unique, interesting and different from others. There are several types of dining chair that you can choose according to your wishes that you can mix with various types of tables:

  1. Industrial chair, this type of chair made of metal material so that it fits with the theme of industrial home.
  2. Mid-century chair, this type of chair is made by combining plastic materials and metal or wood. This chair has a curved side with a fused backrest
  3. Windsor is a traditional type of chair with striped sections and has a blemish, and the back-chair form is high and resembles an oval
  4. Vintage French chair is a type of chair covered with foam so someone who sits on it will feel comfortable and soft
  5. Parson dining chair has the same material with French chair but different shape if the French chair has a curved backrest on the parson chair back sharper and taller.
  6. Cross back chair, as the name suggests this type of chair has a crossed shape on the back of the seat.