You need to try Glasgow style architecture if you feel bored with the design of your current living room! If you are interested in redesigning the family room in your home, try this interior design.

Glasgow style is a unique style promoted by Charles Rennie Mackintosh to beautify your home. But before, do you know what is Glasgow style? How to design the living room Glasgow to be more beautiful and interesting?

What is Glasgow style?

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) and other Scottish artists developed a new visual language that is now known as the Glasgow style. They are inspired by traditional Celtic ornaments and Beardsley’s distinctive lines. Glasgow style is then applied in various works of graphic art, textiles, architecture and interior design. Because in the early 1890s Glasgow style used botanical motifs, then this style is connected with Art Nouveau. The difference, Glasgow style more emphasis on functional design and resist excessive motives.

Glasgow style displays a more geometric visual composition, replacing botanical elements and curved lines with a strong straight-line structure. The design themes of this style are vertical lines going up and with soft curves at each end. It aims to smooth the meeting with horizontal lines. The features of Glasgow style are narrow angles, high rectangles, plus oval shapes, circles and arches. Glasgow style is now widely applied to furniture-home furniture.

Glasgow Style Architecture Living Room Designing

If you are confused how to design a family room with Glasgow style architecture, the following tips you should see before redesigning your family room.

  1. Replace paint color on the wall

In order for the room look more spacious, you should replace the wall paint with more calm colors such as grey, beige, peach, or pale pink.

  1. Sofa

To create a Glasgow style in your living room, use a sofa with plain motifs and colors that are calmer like beige, bone white, or light grey or old.

  1. Sofa cushion

The sofa cushion is usually a set with the sofa. But you should choose a sofa cushion that has a motif (can be flowers or leaves) and a brighter color of the sofa color. This patterned pillow will offset the innocent sofa so it looks more alive.

  1. Desk lamp

Use a table lamp in the corner of the room to beautify the look of the family room. In addition, to beautify, this desk lamp will also not take up space for other furniture. Avoid sitting lights that have excessive patterns or colors that are too bright.

  1. Small ornamental plants

You can put some small ornamental plants in the window to display a fresh impression on the living room.

  1. Accessories to taste

Do not install too many accessories, brightly colored and colorful ‘crowded’. Some accessories such as wall clocks, jars, photos, or paintings you can install in some corner of the room are still empty.

In addition, can also install carpet if you like. Remember the lower Glasgow style architecture is characterized by narrow angles, high rectangles, oval shapes, circles and arches. So, if you’re going to design the living room, Glasgow, choose furniture or accessories that fit the theme. Not difficult is not it? Let’s start planning from now on!