Small bedroom decorating ideas you can apply to your bedroom to change the narrow atmosphere becomes wider. You can change the position of the bed, use multifunctional furniture, or use the illusion wallpaper.

Having a small bedroom should not be the reason why the room feels cramped and uncomfortable. What’s wrong is that you can not arrange it in such a way as to make it feel more spacious and comfortable. Let’s see the explanation of small bedroom decorating ideas here!

Choose and adjust the position of the bed

In the ideas of decorating a small bedroom you should really take a big consideration of this. the bed is the main furniture that should be in a room. Not the bedroom name if there is no bed in it, right? But this furniture is also a problem when you have a small bedroom. The selection and placement of the wrong bed resulted in the narrowness of the bedroom. For small bedrooms, it is advisable to use a small bed too.

What if the room occupant consists of two people? Not a problem! You can use a single-storey single bed to save space. In addition, the placement of the bed in the middle of the room is also the right choice compared to one side of the room. Place in the middle of the room facing directly to the entrance/exit. Placements like this give you enough space to access the bed from the left or right.

Use multifunctional furniture

Placing too much furniture or placing large furniture will certainly make the small bedroom increasingly feels small and uncomfortable. No doubt about it, using multifunctional furniture is a smart choice for small bedrooms. If the size of your wardrobe is large, use as well as a dresser room. You should also choose a bed that has a special storage area at the bottom, which can be used to store clothes, books, accessories or other items.

Install the illusion wallpaper

You still can make it looked larger and wider! Wall design also affects the impression of broad and narrow, also the light and dark of your bedroom. To make it look more spacious, you can install an illusion wallpaper such as scenic pictures or a specific room. This will make the bedroom like having extra space. In addition, to seem broader, the wallpaper will make the room look more beautiful and attractive, so you will not get bored lingering in the room. Choose brightly coloured wallpaper because in addition to appear more spacious, the room will look brighter.

The success of designing this small bedroom depends on your creativity in making small bedroom decorating ideas yourself. If confused, you can look for examples of small bedroom designs on the internet or other media as a reference for designing your bed. Designing a small bed is the first step to make living at home more comfortable and enjoyable.