Small kitchen remodel ideas might be take your huge consideration about, do not be confused how to redecorate your favorite little kitchen. Its small size is not an obstacle to making it look prettier and broader.

Small kitchen remodel ideas below can be a consideration when going to redecorate a small kitchen in your home.

Use multifunctional furniture

One of the things that matter when having a small kitchen is, when you need a lot of furniture but confused where to keep it. The kitchenette makes the room unlimited to be occupied by some other furniture. Then, how? The key is, use multifunctional furniture! You do not have to go back and forth just to chop vegetables on the island and then wash them in the sink in the cabinet. Today many sinks can be fitted with sliding board/cutting board so, after chopping vegetables or meat, you just move the board/cutting board to wash it in the sink. Or you can do all that on the island that has been equipped with a sink. In addition, there are many other functions of the island that will be very useful in your small kitchen remodel ideas, such as small drawers that can be used as a store of kitchen equipment, or island used as well as a dining table.

The kitchen is integrated with the dining room

Opening the kitchen wall and putting it together with the dining room can be a solution for your little kitchen to look much larger. Even in some smaller homes or apartments, the kitchen can be combined with two other rooms, the dining room and family room. Bringing together the kitchen and dining room will also make it easier for you to move food from the stove to the dining table, or when carrying dirty dishes from the table to the sink. If at any time you want to hide the kitchen from outside visits, you can add a barrier curtain that can be closed and opened when needed.

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen design you can consider for your small kitchen. This design places two counters arranged to form a right angle, facilitating your movement while on the move in the kitchen. This shape will be more suitable in the small kitchen than the U shape that will make the kitchen look more narrow. The presence of kitchen island in the center of the kitchen will also add beauty to your small kitchen. You can place a stove, oven or microwave on one corner of the counter, and a sink, dish rack, and a board to cut the groceries at another corner of the counter. If there are still some empty spots, you can also place some small ornamental plants to make the kitchen look fresher.

Not difficult is not to change the small kitchen to look more spacious and comfortable? Applying the small kitchen remodel ideas above will greatly help you in redecorating a small kitchen in your home. Let’s plan the arrangement from now, including the cost to be incurred. No need to spend a lot to change your small kitchen. You can make DIY furniture to minimize the cost of spending. The kitchen becomes more fun and feels valuable if it can be decorated with your own hands.