Do you like reading books? Do you have many books? Are you confused about saving your book? If you answered yes then all you have to do now is read this article to get an idea to make your home library by creating a home library you can arrange your book neatly and can facilitate you in finding the book you will read.

Creating a home library does not have to have its own room. If, your house has limited space then you can unify the home library with the room you have. With this, of course you will make your room has a beautiful book decoration if you arrange and feed well. Check out the discussion below about home library design ideas pictures to get the home library that match your style.

Home Library Design Ideas Pictures Joining With Other Rooms

To get a home library you do not have to have a special room, you can blend with another room like living room or your room, here are home library design ideas pictures.

Bedroom Library
bed room is the most comfortable place for anyone. If your hobby is reading a book then spend time in your room with books neatly arranged will make you more comfortable stay in the room. Placement of books on the part of your room you can keep in the cabinet over the mattress or cabinet around the walls of your room. But if you have a room too small to place a cabinet on one side of the room you can fit your books on the bottom of the mattress by designing the cabinet under your bed. Here are some photos that you can make reference as home idea library in your room.

Living room
If the whole family loves and reads the book then the right place that you can put together and make your mini home library is a living room. Living room is a family gathering place so this place is also suitable if used as your home library. For the placement of the book you can keep it in a cabinet and covered and decorated with some other decorations. You can also take advantage of the bottom of the stairs as shown below.

Other tips

After, you decided about home library design ideas pictures once you have the appropriate design there are other things you should look into when creating your home library. Preparation and arrangement of books is very important. If the book you have is a novel series then you can feed it  based on the novel series. If you prefer books like general knowledge then you can arrange your books based on the thickness of a book to show the balance and tidiness of the book, in addition to the thickness of the book you can also pay attention to the height of each book, you can also arrange books based on the colors on the book’s assets you have.