How to decorate a bedroom? A beautiful and comfortable bedroom would be everyone’s dream.

Beautiful will make you feel at home in the room and comfortable will make the quality of rest – especially sleep – you increase.

Tips to Decorate A Comfortable Bedroom

How to decorate a bedroom to be beautiful and comfortable? Here are some great tips you should know!

No need to bring interior design experts to the house just to decorate your bedroom. You can do it yourself by paying attention to the things below!

  • The walls are brightly coloured

Changing the colour of the walls with bright colours can affect your mood to be more cheerful and vibrant. While a calmer colour will bring a calmer impression. Choose colours that suit your taste. If too lazy to paint the wall, you can use wallpaper instead.

  • Lamp

The bedroom lights can affect your mood, especially during the night. Generally, the bedroom has 2 types of lights, namely ordinary lights (for lighting room) and light sleep. Choose a yellow sleeping light to create a quiet and relaxed atmosphere during sleep.

  • Pillows

Not just the sleeping pillows you need in the room. You also need some small pillows to decorate the chair or as a pedestal as you sit relaxing on the carpet. Should select a soft pillow with pillowcases that fit the theme of the room or bed.

  • Decoration

The decoration is necessary to beautify the bedroom and so the room is not too ‘plain’. You can put some decorations such as paintings, wall clocks, photographs, chandeliers, or other decorations.

Your creativity in decorating the bedroom is very decisive. Make sure all the decisions you make when decorating will have a positive impact on you. Do not let you make some mistakes that will make the bedroom even become uncomfortable.

Mistake While Following How to Decorate A Bedroom

You might want to decorate the room to make it more comfortable. But sometimes in the process, you make a mistake that makes the result to be unsatisfactory and not as expected. Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Adjust the lighting too brightly

Do you know the light is too bright will make the eyes become tense and difficult to sleep? Therefore, reduce the power of lights in the room, especially the light sleeper to sleep more soundly.

  • The colour of the ‘crowded’ walls

Using wallpaper is a simple way to decorate the walls of the room. But make no mistake choosing a motive and colour yes. Motives that are too crowded or colours that are too bright and colourful should you avoid. Choose simple motifs and colours that are not too bright (preferably calm colours) to help you relax at night.

  • Too much decoration

Installing decoration is important to beautify the bedroom. But if it’s too much? The rooms even look too ‘crowded’ and cramped. Too many decorations will also make you hard when the time comes clean.

Do not let you make the mistakes above yes. If you understand well how to decorate a bedroom, you will easily change the room to your liking. If you want, you can also consult with an interior design expert to get a better view of the room.