How to paint kitchen cabinets? The cabinet is one of the important furniture in the kitchen that serves to store all the kitchen equipment and means to do all the cooking activities. For that, the kitchen cabinet needs to be treated as possible so that its function is maintained.

But what if the kitchen cabinet already looks worn or feels monotonous? No need to buy a new cabinet, you just paint your old cabinet to make it look new and more interesting. How to paint kitchen cabinets? Here’s the information!

Easy Step on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinet is very easy. However, it takes patience to wait until the paint is dry. Here’s an easy step to do:

  1. Remove the door and other hardware from the cabinet. You would have trouble repainting the kitchen cabinet if all the devices are still installed.
  2. After removing the cabinet door and hardware, wipe the cabinet thoroughly with a degreaser cleaner to clean all dirt and oil normally attached to the cabinet. After the cabinet is clean, it is best to do a primary test in an area that is not conspicuous.
  3. Allow the primer for 24 hours to dry and clean again with a very fine emery. After that, remove the primary layer slowly. Once done, wipe the cabinet with a damp cloth to remove impurities before using the first coat of paint.
  4. Use a 1 “or 1 ½” tilt brush as you begin painting the first layer. Apply paint to the detail area on the cabinet door. Be careful not to have brush marks on the flatter and smoother areas. Next, paint the remaining flat areas of the door and other parts using a mini roller.
  5. After finish painting, the first layer, let stand for 1-2 days, then paint the second layer the same way as the first layer. Wait again for 1-2 days until the paint on layer two dries.

After all parts of the cabinet finish painted, reinstall all doors and hardware previously released. Or you can also install new hardware for if the old hardware is unusable.


5 Common Mistakes Made When Painting the Cabinet

Although painting the cabinet is quite easy, but there are always people who make mistakes. As a result, the final look of the cabinet is not as expected. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

  1. Do not clean the cabinet

The oil that is still attached affects the process of painting the cabinet. If there is still oil left then you use water-based paint, then the paint will not stick.

  1. Do not remove doors and other hardware

You may think not to remove the door and other hardware will save you the time of workmanship. When you paint without removing the devices, the paint will automatically hinge. Consequently, within one month, the hinge will show signs of wear and tear.

  1. Skip the sanding

Do not miss the sanding process! Although your kitchen cabinet is in near perfect condition, you still have to sandpaper it to keep the paint stick.

  1. Choosing cheap paint

The price of paint affects the quality. The more expensive the paint the better, and the lower the feed the uglier the quality. With good quality paint, you will get a finer finish.

  1. Hurry to return the cabinet

You who can not wait may want to quickly reassemble the cabinet. The mistake is when you install the cabinet when the paint is still wet. If the paint is unintentionally touched and faded, you will need to sand and paint it again.

Should avoid choosing white paint for the kitchen cabinet because it will easily look dirty. You can also provide a pattern or pattern on the cabinet with different colours to make it look more beautiful and attractive. How, no longer confused how to paint kitchen cabinets? Let’s start from now!