Simply apply the following 3 kitchen decor ideas and you will get a comfortable kitchen to your liking. If most of your time is spent in the kitchen, then making the kitchen as comfortable and attractive as possible is the right thing to do. To create a kitchen like that, you do not need to call an interior designer or buy a lot of new equipment.

For example, the gourmet minimalist design as one of the kitchen decor ideas. It is helpful as a good expansive with white color in order to make the kitchen looks bigger than the real. A gourmet kitchen design is combined with the high ceilings, stainless counters, a lighting and coloring style and also a large window and the natural lighting room.

3 Kitchen Decor Ideas Items to Be Concerned

Only use equipment or furniture needed

Some people may think that a good kitchen is a kitchen that has everything: complete furniture and equipment, as well as many decorations. But think again. Really have furniture, utensils, and a complete kitchen decoration is a good thing? If in fact you only need a few of these three things, there are 3 things you will waste. First, you’ll spend more time cleaning and take care of it. Two, you certainly spend a lot of money to buy it. And third, you will fill the kitchen space with things you do not really need. So, keep track of what things you need to keep in your kitchen. That way the kitchen will not feel cramped and your activity will not be disturbed by the number of goods.

Setting lighting in the kitchen

The sun is the best lighting during the day. For that, windows are necessary. Lighting with sunlight will also save the use of lights. Make sure the location of the window does not block the sun to enter the kitchen. Only when the night comes, you can replace it with the light of the lamp. For the kitchen, you should use lights that have bright light.

Good air circulation arrangement

The kitchen is the source of various types of smells. From the fragrant to the unpleasant smell. Not to mention the smoke that will fill the room when you cook. Properly regulating air circulation is something you should do to keep the air in the kitchen stuffy. Installing windows is the best option. In addition to lighting into the kitchen, windows will also bring air out of the kitchen and replace it with fresh air from the outside. So, you do not have to worry about the unpleasant smell of smoke from your kitchen will go to another room. If it is not possible to install windows, you can install a cooker hood on the stove as an alternative. This cooker hood works to suck the smoke that occurs when you are cooking.

Follow the kitchen decor ideas above and you will get a comfortable kitchen for all your daily activities. Plan carefully before you begin decorating. Do not miss a step in fixing your kitchen. The more comfortable a kitchen, the more fun you can do.