Kitchen island with seating guide to make your family comfort will be explained here. The kitchen is the place we use to cook something. In the kitchen, a lot of places are used to simply process or place items such as spices, cooking utensils, cutlery, and kitchen hygiene kits. One of the important parts of the kitchen is the kitchen island or can we refer to as a working table.

In the kitchen island is where we do food processing such as stirring, cutting and processing sorting materials used before we process on the counter, the place where we are located oven and stove. The dining room is usually placed in the different room from the kitchen, but if we do not have enough room on the part of the house.

so, a kitchen can also be used as a dining room then we can use the kitchen island as a place to eat. By adding a chair as a compliment that kitchen island can be used as a dining table. In the discussion this time we will discuss more the design of Kitchen Island with seating that you can use in your house.

Kitchen Island with Seating Shape

Using kitchen island as a working table is common. However, to take advantage of every corner of the house that has little room. Then, using of kitchen island as a dining table by adding kitchen Island with seating is not a strange thing. The shape of the kitchen island itself can be adjusted to the shape of the kitchen and your own room. If your kitchen is elongated then you can use the kitchen island with a vertical shape following the shape of the kitchen.

Then if your kitchen form has a large enough space then you can use the form “T” as your kitchen island design which you can keep processing your food while other family members see while sitting on the kitchen island. In addition to the top shape, you can also design the bottom of your kitchen island. The kitchen island can only have a 4-feet table design but you can also make it turn it into a storage area for your cutlery or kitchen utensil.

In addition to the design of the upper and lower height of the kitchen island should also be considered. Do not get too low to be used as a working table and too high as a dining table, then the seat selection must also be adjusted to the position to get the right seating position.

Kitchen Island with Seating Material

Along with the design of the shape and height of the kitchen Island with seating, there are other things you should consider before building a kitchen island. That is a material, many materials that you can use as a kitchen island design. There are marble, wood, ceramic, or aluminum. This material you can choose according to the design of the house you have. In order for the kitchen looks aligned with the design of the house. In addition to the suit with the design of the house, you can also pay attention to the suitability needs of its usefulness because each material will have advantages and disadvantages of each.