Kitchen tables and chairs in a dining room are an important part of a house. There are many people who separate the kitchen and dining room but there are also people who prefer to unite the both of them.

There are various reasons why the kitchen and dining room are put together in one room. The first most common thing is the absence of more space that can be used to serve as a separate dining room.

The other reasons are because the owner of the house is set the concept that makes the dining room and kitchen together so that the kitchen area has large and open space. If we talk about the dining room then it will certainly relate to the table and chairs. Both of these things must play a very important role in the sustainability of food production and the process of eating a family. When a person cooks he certainly needs a table to cut and process other foodstuffs.

A table is also needed when eating. Eating on the living room sofa or eating on the floor is not a good choice. Therefore, the selection of tables and chairs become important. If you are one type of people who are concerned with a concept to make every pour on your home look interesting then you should listen to the discussion below about the concept or theme of kitchen tables and chairs.

Kitchen Tables and Chairs Material

There are different types of material that can use to make kitchen tables and chairs, ranging from marble, wood, to aluminum. Differences of material making the table will certainly bring different nuances in our kitchen. If we choose the dominant wood material then the feel of the kitchen will look traditional and minimalist, the shades of wood are usually dominated by brown color that makes us feel more relaxed.

Then dominant marble material, with this material you can display the impression of luxury in your kitchen, the color selection of marble can determine the nuances you want. Other materials such as aluminum will make your kitchen look futuristic. However, the use of aluminum is not used to be the main material of a table material. This material used becomes a visible part of the distance so that the table looks like made from the main ingredient of aluminum. Choose a theme that suits your taste that will beautify the vibe of your home.

Price Range for Kitchen Tables and Chairs

If you have determined the type of kitchen tables and chairs that you use in your kitchen then you can do a survey on the furniture store to get the appropriate table and chair and the price according to your budget. Prices for dining tables and chairs usually range from $ 500 to $1500, these prices may vary depending on the size and number of seats they have. For the price range kitchen island and chairs between $1200 to $5000, the price is clearly more expensive than separate dining table sets because of the size and facilities equipped by the kitchen island more and larger size.