Living room design ideas can be a little hard to decide. The living room is the first room that seen from your house. In this room, you also use it to entertain guests who come to your home. Therefore, the living room is an important room that you should look at. The design of your living room will reflect the feel of your home. Someone who comes will judge your home from the living room you have.

Therefore, the design that you use must be the design that gives rise to a pleasant first impression. Many things you can do to design your living room in accordance with the theme or the state of the room that you have. In this discussion, we will discuss the living room design ideas that you can use to beautify the look of your living room.

Create Design for Living Room Design Ideas

The first thing you should look at in designing your living room is the decor and theme that you will use in the room. If you have a large living room you can freely place items or decorations that make your living room comfortable. But if your living room only has a small part of the room then do not use too much furniture that large room does, because it will make your room look narrow. The choice of paint and wallpaper is also important.

If you are making a wrong choice for wallpaper and paint then, the living room will look narrow or messy. At that point, the choice of the right color and harmony with other furniture is a thing to be considered. Minimalist design is a design that can be used by a variety of room sizes.

This design usually takes advantage of colors that are not too bright so that the living room will look more peaceful and comfortable. The combination of colors commonly used living room design ideas for minimalist type design is brown, white, ash, and black. But do not use black as the dominant color because it will make the room look dark.

Choose the Right Sofa on Our Living Room Design Ideas

The most important part of living room design ideas is the sofa, which uses by the guests to sit. The many shapes of sofa and sofa design that you can use to make your living room look different from others. Along with the type of design and color of the sofa you use, the placement of a sofa or chair becomes an important part that you should look at.

Type of sofa or chair design that you use can vary according to the size and shape of the living room you have. Elongated sofa with the shape of “U” design will be very suitable for the living room which has a large room with this design can show the closeness that is owned and guests because there is no distance in this sofa design.

Besides that, there is also a form of the elongated sofa in the middle and is equipped with a single sofa on the other part you can also use for a not too big living room. Then, if the living room that you have is a small type of room then, using a single chair or sofa is the right choice because it will not require a large space. In addition to the design note also the color choices that you use, make sure if the color of the sofa that you use is not too flashy when compared with the paint or wallpaper of your living room design ideas.