Living room furniture sets are good choice to decorate your living room in a smart way. You only need to mix and match with other decorating things. To get a comfortable living room of course we must have a comfortable furniture to build nuance. Everyone has different comforts. Therefore, the determination of the theme according to our wish is one of the things we can do to design our living room.

Then the selection of furniture became things to do to adjust the theme with the comfort we want. Many different themes that you can use to complete your living room like minimalist, vintage, glamour, etc. To give the feel of the theme the feel of your living room should be adjusted in the discussion this time we will discuss more about the living room furniture sets that will be used in accordance with the theme that we use in our living room.

Living Room Furniture Sets with Glamour Theme

This will be really match with your glamor life! Glamor is a theme that carries luxury as the main concept. The concept of this glamour base is shown with color choices like gold, silver, and red. For this theme, the large living room is the most suitable place because with a vast space, of course, we can place various kinds of furniture that can enhance the impression of glamor in our living room.

But if you only have a small room, do not worry because the theme is still you can apply. Carrying the theme of glamor in the living room will affect the selection of living room furniture sets. The most important furniture used for this theme is the chair. This furniture is usually sold in a set state which consists of large, small chairs and tables. For glamor, you are advised to choose sofa furniture set which has kind of cabriolet, settee, or Chesterfield. This type of sofa has wooden parts that look with a variety of ornament ornaments that will affect the impression of glamor on your sofa.

Living Room Furniture Sets for Minimalist Theme

Minimalist things always be the best choice, it looks simple but really in a smart way. Minimalist theme is a theme that is often used today, this theme shows simplicity and simple so minimalist nuance will make people will easily feel comfortable. For this theme, neutral colors such as ash, black, blue and white are the right choice because they do not cause too much effect if used on wall paint or furniture colors you use.

For the living room furniture sets that you use on this theme, you can choose the type of modern sofa where this type of sofa does not have a complicated design. With a simple design that is displayed by the type of modern sofa then the nuances generated will be more relaxed. If you decide to carry a minimalist theme in your living room then you should choose the type of middle century sofa, chaise, and day bed.