What do you do to make your living room attractive and comfortable to occupy? Placing furniture and various decorations you can do to make your living room feel comfortable. One important thing to put in your living room is the living room set.

The living room sets consists of a sofa, chair and a table that you must place in your living room. Living room is the main room a house where the place as the living room main room should have a comfortable and pleasant feel. Thus, the furniture that is passed should be very beneficial for the comfort of the family. Election couch and proper table should allow to bring a pleasant atmosphere.

Perfect Sofa for Big Family

If in a family has many members then the choosing of large sofa of living room sets is better than a single sofa. Single sofa is unique to the beautiful living room but also the things that are not useful if disturb the comfort of family members. In addition to the beauty of the election sofa must also be passed by its usefulness. Therefore, some types of sofa that is suitable for you who have large family members.

  1. Sleeper is a type of modern sofa that can change the shape into a mattress, this sofa can usually be folded and adjusted its use. With a unique function that is perfect for families who have many family members
  2. Sectional is a type of sofa that can be arranged usually this type of sofa consists of some parts. The shape of this sofa itself usually shaped like L. This type of sofa is suitable for many family members because you can adjust the shape and placement of the sofa.
  3. Bench seat, type of elongated sofa without the back of this, is also used for many family areas because the sofa and elongated and show the large shape.

Strong and Best Coffee Table

After choosing the chosen sofa, coffee table is also one of the important things you should do to complete your living room sets furniture. Placement of a coffee table located in the center of the room free space for various types of drinks or snacks served to fill your spare time gathering. There are different types of coffee tables that you can choose to place in your living room.

  1. Shaker Coffee table is a kind of coffee table that carries the theme of minimalism, simplicity, usability and honesty. This table type is made of wood material in the absence of other materials. Its firm shape and with straight legs and simple drawers add a simple impression in your home. The use of color at this type did not have much choice that always only have 1 color like brown, black, blue or red.
  2. Cottage style, this type of table is the most common table used because of the simple shape that can easily blend with other furniture. With a twisted foot shape make this binding table has a unique design. With this unique design and the space will bring the feel of relax in your living room.
  3. Parson coffee table with a very simple design with a firm rectangular shape and thick legs of this table has a strong and durable impression.