Shabby chic living room in interior design trends has grown in recent years. If you follow it, you must know this interior design trend. Yes, it is shabby chic! This interior design style is suitable for you who have a cheerful personality.

Shabby chic all-around trinkets are also not hard to find in the market. Imagine how beautiful if your living room conjured up in shabby chic living room style! But before that, let’s find out first what is shabby chic.

Shabby Chic Living Room Interior Design

Shabby chic is an interior design trend that usually focuses on furniture and home decoration with vintage, ancient, antique, and also beautiful elements. This design is generally a blend of eclectic floral and lyrical motifs. This design is also dominated by white or pastel colors. With a cheerful chic shabby, evokes a feeling of comfort and relaxation with a feminine and elegant romantic feel. In addition, shabby chic becomes a favorite because it is relatively cheap because this design is prioritizing furniture or home decoration that has been used and have the impression ‘aged’.

How to add Shabby chic to family room design?

An important point in the shabby chic design is the use of beautiful flower motifs and soft pastel colors. It can be applied to furniture or home decoration such as curtains, tables, tablecloths, and others.

Designing the living room is also something we should think right about. A family room with a warm theme will make the whole family activity also become more valuable because it is comfortable. The family room is not just to watch television with family, but this should also be able to imagine the guests who are present in our families are also comfortable to be there.

You can choose small to medium sized furniture such as side tables, mirrors, or cabinets in the form of vintage with slightly faded pastel colors. Furniture that looks worn is the hallmark of this design. In addition, note the appropriate pastel color selection, not to choose three different color types. Just select one main color, then do the color division with the use of other colors in furniture.

For shabby chic styles, choose a feminine and vintage impression. Because this design is a trend, eating will not be difficult to find it in the market. But remember, the hides are too much to use. Although all the decorations you buy are good value if too many rooms will seem crowded and crowded. Just use some accessories that are appropriate and needed. Held ornaments with furniture used will arise in harmony.

You can use cotton or linen for floral fabrics on furniture or decorations used. You can also add some lace to beautify it. If the wallpaper in the living room is floral, do not use again on furniture or other decorations to look not too excessive. Just use a pastel-colored plain motif on furniture or decorations that match the color of the wallpaper. Is not it hard not to design a shabby chic living room? Let’s start planning from now on!