Small bathroom decorating ideas I recommend here is based on my experience of designing a bathroom for myself. The bathroom is the most important room that we need because every day we will use the bathroom well before and after do some activities outside. A bathroom is a place where we eliminate our fatigue, with the many activities that we do outside the home will make our body and body feel tired. One way that we can do to freshen up is by bathing.

Bathing can make us feel calmer because we have cleaned ourselves from the hustle and bustle of outdoor activities. The tone of the bathroom becomes an important thing because the bathroom is small and narrow and monotonous design will be able to further damage the mood. Therefore, the bathroom decoration is also needed so that we feel calm and can eliminate fatigue. In this discussion, we will discuss about small bathroom decorating ideas. So, you can design your small bathroom with a soothing and comfortable feel.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Using Your Wall for Decorating

If we have a spacious bathroom then we can freely place shower or bath up. But with a small room, of course, we have to divide between shower, bath up, toilet, and sink and mirror. Tips that you can use are by utilizing every wall and corner of your bathroom. If we have a spacious bathroom we can use a towel wall shelves or toiletries in the wall shelves.

But the bathroom that we have is not too wide or can be said small, then we can use the hanging wall shelves or just a hanger that we use to store towels and our toiletries needs. Besides, the hanging shelf you can also take advantage of the bottom of your sink for use as a storage place. Bath and shower, usually people will put bath up and shower in a separate place, but to take advantage of a small room, we can place the shower on the top of the bath up.

But if you do not need bath up then you can use the corner of your bathroom as a shower room. To cover the shower, you can simply use a curtain to cut costs and space to build a cover glass. Utilization of every corner of the bathroom is an important thing for small bathroom decorating ideas, but the thing you should notice is that the angle placement should be precise; do not let the use of the wall that you use to block your activities due to incorrect placement.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas on Placements

Besides the placement and utilization of the corner and wall of the bathroom as small bathroom decorating ideas, you can also use a small decoration to build a cozy feel in the bathroom. Small trinket or decorations that you can use on walls or put above your sinks to simply build a cozy feel in your bathroom. If you do not really like the existing trinkets in the bathroom, then you can use the color match on the furniture that you use in your own bathroom.