Small bathroom remodel ideas that must be known for the bathroom becomes more attractive and spacious! For those who live alone or with a small family, having a small bathroom is the right choice.

What if the small bathroom was getting boring and uncomfortable? Just change it! Redesigning a small bathroom to be more attractive and more visible is a creative idea rather than having to dismantle it and make it bigger. Of course, it will cost a lot, is not it?

Should Be Noted in The Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are some basic things that must be considered when you want to apply small bathroom remodel ideas. Do not get after the redesigned, the bathroom actually becomes smaller and narrow. Makah more uncomfortable is not it? Therefore, pay attention to 3 important things below!

  1. Toilet and sink attached to the wall

Replace the usual toilet seat with a toilet attached to the wall. The wrap should also be replaced with a sink attached to the wall. This will save legroom and floor space so it will feel more spacious.

  1. Shower cubicle

Instead of using a bathtub that takes up the bathroom room, it’s better to use a shower cubicle. The shower will not take up as much space as a bathtub, giving you more space while in the bathroom.

  1. Sliding door

Still using a door hinge? Door hinge will only make the bathroom becomes narrower. Replace with a sliding door! Sliding doors make it easier to access in and out of the small bathroom. In addition, the sliding door will provide plenty of space for the bathroom to be fitted with other accessories needed.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Install the Required Accessories

Although the bathroom is small, there are still some accessories that must be installed in it. The question is, how to install these accessories so as not to ‘eat’ a place in the small bathroom?

  1. Mirror on the wall

Installing a mirror on some (or even all) walls will create a ‘wide’ effect in the bathroom. The presence of a mirror also provides more lighting in the bathroom.

  1. Shelves or wall cabinets

Inside the bathroom would need a place to store all the toiletries such as shelves or cabinets. For a small bathroom, you should use a rack or cupboard mounted on the wall. Shelves or cabinets can be installed over the toilet, in the corner of the bathroom, or above the sink.

  1. Clothes hangers

Clothes hangers (or towels) also become important accessories for small bathrooms. These hangers can be installed in the sliding door or near the shower cubicle for easy reach.

If there is still an empty space, can also be added with a small painting or wall clock for more beautiful. Make sure the installation of accessories does not block the light coming into the bathroom. With the small bathroom remodel ideas above, let’s change the small bathrooms to be more attractive, beautiful, and spacious!