Small kitchen design ideas may be your choice in rearranging your kitchen space is narrow. Delicious and delicious food is not only born from a big kitchen, but a small kitchen can!

Having a large kitchen is not necessarily profitable, depending on the condition of the house and its owner. For people who do not like to cook or live alone in a minimalist home, why have a big kitchen?

The Advantages of Having Small Kitchen Design Ideas

A small kitchen would be the right choice. Interested in creating or changing it? Before reading about small kitchen design ideas, let’s know the advantages to be gotten from the kitchenette!

The small and minimalist kitchen has several advantages that will not come from the big kitchen. What are the benefits? The kitchenette allows the house to have extra space that can be used for other needs or store accessories that can beautify the kitchen. Its small size also makes it easy to clean, so there will not be time wasted just to clean the kitchen space. The kitchen also allows the storage of kitchen utensils that are more efficient, orderly and easily accessible. Make sure only the necessary kitchen utensils are stored in the kitchenette


With a small kitchen that is easy to clean and neatly arranged, helps the owner to avoid stress. Especially if the small kitchen equipped with multifunction cookware to help speed up cooking activities. In addition, the kitchen also makes the owner can focus more on cooking.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas with Minimalist and Beautiful

If you are interested in making or redesigning the kitchen, there are some things to note in order to make it minimalist and unique. Here are the tips:

  1. U-shaped kitchen design

We recommend using a U-shaped cabinet to move freely in the middle of the kitchen when cooking or preparing food. This design also makes you not need to go far when moving the dirty goods to the laundry or take a plate to move food.

  1. Multifunctional kitchen design

Use multifunctional items or furniture. For example, cutting boards and a unified sink. With a design like that, you just have to shift the cutting board when it will wash the groceries, then shift it back when it will cut the food. In addition to multifunctional goods, can also be designed to be multifunctional space. For example, by combining a kitchen with a dining room or family room, making it more efficient.

  1. Kitchen in the corner of the room

Placement kitchen in the corner of the room is the right step to streamline the room in the house, making the corner of the room becomes more useful and look more spacious.

  1. Decorations are minimal

In order to impress broad and beautiful, do not use too many accessories that are too much, especially if not needed. The use of accessories that are too much will make the kitchen seem narrow and cramped.

  1. Bright atmosphere

Lighting is important to make the kitchen look spacious and not cramped. Use as bright lighting as possible. You can install windows, use enough lights, use bright wall paint colors, or choose brightly colored items and furniture.

That’s some small kitchen design ideas that you can apply in your small kitchen. Make sure the kitchen design is used right for you because the comfortable kitchen is the kitchen that suits your needs.