Small kitchen design ideas? As a place that we often use the kitchen is an important room in a house. In the kitchen many activities we can do, such as cooking, making cakes or just serving drinks.

Of course, many foodstuffs and equipment are located in the kitchen. Equipment and materials are certainly used to be processed into food that we eat every day.

To store various kinds of materials and cooking equipment of course we need a lot of places. What if we only have a small room as a kitchen that we have? We should be able to anticipate the small room to make it look spacious and can store various equipment and foodstuffs. In this discussion, we will discuss small kitchen design ideas.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Minimalist Aspects

Minimalist kitchen design becomes the most popular kitchen design in this year. For having the taste of impression in minimalist design interior for the kitchen, there is some aspect to be concerned. The furniture of a minimalist kitchen is must be correct in the function and use. It is could be said as minimalist kitchen if the minimalist aspect of a design is reached. The aspect is how to be optimal in using furniture and utilizing the space that is available.

Shape for Small Kitchen

Before we determine about the various kinds of furniture that we will put in our own small kitchen design ideas, we should learn more about the room that we have. Learning about a room is useful for defining our workflow in the kitchen by determining the shape of the work table or kitchen counter that we will use when cooking. For small room types, the form of the elongated table and kitchen shape L is a suitable form because of its simple shape. Elongated shape is usually used if you have a kitchen type of elongated room with a size that is not too wide. While the L shape, you can use with the widened form of the room.


With a small room, we are certainly worried about the lack of storage we have for various materials and cooking utensils. But it is not to worry about because by designing a cabinet that extends following the form of a counter table then we have quite a lot of places. The Cabinet in small kitchen design ideas, which we can design on the bottom as well as at the top of the kitchen to maximize the storage we need. To arrange that you can save heavy equipment at the bottom to avoid the occurrence of the accident like cookware that hit our body when trying to take the equipment. While the food we can store in the top cabinet.

Floor Plans

Choosing Kitchen Floor Plans in planning the kitchen floor plans need some considerations to think about.  A small kitchen with the basic shape, it also has the pros and contra about the design, such as the storages and counters, and also the entertaining or multiple cook’s purposes. The exact and perfect dimension to get the accurate plans is the purpose of kitchen floor plans for the small kitchen design ideas.