Small kitchen ideas? Furthermore, to change the current layout we need to start by noting the position of the existing power points such as the pipes in and out, windows and doors.

Making a rough sketch of how the appliances will do is more than important to think about planning a kitchen design idea.

Small Kitchen Ideas of Wall, Lighting and Door Placing

When you live in a home or apartment with a minimalist size, having a small kitchen is a challenge in itself. Some people think the smaller the size of the room, the harder it will be to design it. But that’s not something you need to worry about. Designing a small kitchen is not as difficult as you can imagine. Anything is easy if you know how. To start designing your kitchen, look at the small kitchen ideas below!

Take advantage of the kitchen wall

Utilize the kitchen wall to the maximum you should do if it has a small kitchen size. Instead of making the room feel cramped and uncomfortable with the amount of furniture, it is better to hang it on the wall to make the room feel spacious and the feet have more free space. Let’s take a look at some busy restaurants, they use furniture that sticks to the walls. This is done so that cooking activities in the kitchen is not disturbed without having to look around in closets or closed shelves.

You can install a hook near the stove to store some pan, pan, or spatula for cooking. Hanging racks also need to keep all jar of cooking spice. To store cutlery such as plates and glasses, you can install a cabinet at the top of the wall, parallel to (or higher) from your head. How about a knife? Magnets on the wall will help you.

Maximum lighting

One trick to make the kitchen look more spacious is to set the lighting as much as possible. Having a window facing directly into the sun is something you should consider. Using light-colored furniture can also help to light in the kitchen. If you have dark-colored furniture (such as cabinets for example), consider installing an LED light around it (either on top, damping, or even in a cupboard though). Also, change the paint color of the walls become brighter, can be white, pastel, yellow, pink or any light colored.

Minimize the door

Cabinets, cabinets, or shelves that have doors usually make the kitchen feel closed. Moreover, if the kitchen is small, will look even more narrow. For that, it would not hurt if you remove all doors on cabinets, cabinets, or shelves in your kitchen. Make everything open to create a more open kitchen impression as well. Paint the inside of cabinets, cabinets, or shelves to match the decor in the kitchen. In addition to making the room look more spacious and open, removing all doors on the furniture will make it easier for you to take whatever is needed when cooking.

Do not have a small kitchen to limit your space. Make the kitchen feel as comfortable and as spacious as possible with small kitchen ideas above. With a cozy kitchen, create new ideas in cooking!