Small living room ideas might be what you think when you have no enough space to arrange things. I have some recommendations that you can apply for your decorations of furniture and things. Having a comfortable living room is everyone’s wish but what if you only have a small room as your living room.

What can you do to make your living room small to be comfortable? Many things you can do to make your small living room feel comfortable without worrying about the small size of the room. Choosing paint, furniture, and decorations is one way you can make your small living room more comfortable.

The selection of paint is of course very important because the feel of your living room will be visible from the colors displayed by the can wall and furniture selection is also an important thing because the location and size of the furniture will affect your living room, decorations on the wall or placed into an important thing because if we keep too many decorations that are not important then our living room will look messy. So let’s discuss about small living room ideas.

Small Living Room Ideas For Furniture

As we have discussed the selection of furniture is the most important thing to make the atmosphere of our small living room ideas. If in the large part of the living room we can see a large cabinet and various trinkets, then in the small living room we will replace it with small cabinet or table with attractive foot design.

The empty legs of the table will make the room look more spacious while the bottom of a solid table will create a full impression on a room, therefore, should use furniture with a hanging bottom that looks so the room will look more spacious. If you like the sofa then the selection of the right sofa is a single sofa with medium size and not too big because if the sofa covers one part of the room then the room will look full. In addition to the type and design of color selection becomes an important thing.

Choose a matching color of furniture with your living room wall paint to make the room look nice and comfortable if you are more like to blend of two colors then, do a balanced color selection in order not to look too colorful.

Small Living Room Ideas Decoration

For small living room ideas then the selection of decorations on the table or vase is not recommended because the use of decoration that many will make our living room looks narrow than the decoration in accordance with the small living room is the wall decoration. Adding paintings or family photos can make your living room feel more comfortable than painting or photographs, you can also place a mirror on your small living room because with a glass reflection will make your living room look more spacious.