Design your own kitchen! When you heard those order sentence, it might be difficult for you. Not all of people know the proper way to design it in a smart way.

For most women having a comfortable kitchen with complete equipment is a big dream because most women will spend a lot their time in the kitchen.

The kitchen is used by some women to create or create a menu of dishes that they will serve to the family, so from that comfortable kitchen design is important. The kitchen does not have to have a large space but the most important is the completeness of the equipment that we can use to cook, and now many minimalist kitchen design ideas that you can use as your kitchen idea. In this discussion, we will discuss more how to design your own kitchen.

Design Your Own Kitchen – Choose Your Kitchen Concept

The first thing you should do before design your own kitchen is creating a concept. Determine the concept and theme of your own kitchen. If you want a minimalist theme then you can use kitchen furniture with wood material. Natural wood color will make your kitchen look traditional and comfortable. If you want the other material you can choose using marble or ceramic, kitchen design using this material will display the results of a luxurious kitchen. If you like the elegant concept of marble and ceramic material to be suitable material you use to design the part of your counter and kitchen island. In addition to these two materials, you can also use aluminum or stainless-steel material that will display the futuristic results in your own kitchen. Silver color, as well as the shadow effect of this material, will also make your kitchen look wider. The use of one type of material in the kitchen will make your kitchen look neat. But you can also match the material above as your own kitchen design will look more unique.

Design Your Own Kitchen – Set Your Own Design

After getting the best concept you can start to design your own kitchen. The important thing you should look at when creating a kitchen design is the size of the desk and cabinet that you will use. The height of the kitchen table should be as high as your waist for body position when cooking is not too bent. Then, the height of the cabinet, a cabinet is usually used to store kitchen equipment and spices used for cooking, so do not be too high when placing cabinet.

Try if the cabinet placement is only on the bottom of the working table and kitchen island, but if you need more cabinet and located in a high position try you have a special ladder that you used to take the equipment in the cabinet. Do not you climb the kitchen counter and endanger yourself. So, the most important thing to make design your own kitchen is the comfort that does not endanger your cooking activities.