Kitchen table and chairs will really take a big part of all the activity on your kitchen. Mealtime becomes one of the most valuable time because at this time is usually use the not only time to eat but also the time we gather with family.

With the food prepared, our mealtime will be very valuable. But what happens if the food that has been made cannot be stored at the dinner table because the size of the dining table is too small?

Selection of table size becomes a very important thing to do. This can be done by calculating the number of family members that exist and see the average “number of menus made. In addition, the area of the room and the vibe of the room was to be considered in the selection of kitchen table. To find out more we discuss kitchen table and chairs to facilitate you choose a table and chairs that suit your kitchen or dining room belongs to you.

Shape Type of Table

There is the various shape of tables that can be used as a dining table. The form of the table used usually depends on the theme or the number of family members available. There are several common table forms that we often see like boxes, round, and long facets. Table with round shape has a shape that is suitable for small room or room with large size because many sizes of the table that can be adjusted to the room that you have.

But for a regular roundtable cannot have many places for the diverse food menu, so if you have 2 family members then you can choose a round table with 4 family size to anticipate the number of menus you cook to keep enough on the dining table. Then, an unassuming box shape table from this table is usually selected for someone with 4 family members.

The other table shape is rectangular, in contrast to the rectangular table box table can be used for more than 4 people depending on the length of the table and the room it occupies, even this type of table can accommodate up to dozens of people with various designs. This type of table is suitable for the large room, but if you want this type of table in your small room you can mix with Kitchen Island so that your kitchen table and chairs in the dining room look more attractive.

Choose Your Chairs

If we determine the selection of the table, it is impossible if we do not have chairs in our seat. Many types of chairs that can be used to complement your kitchen table. There is a chair with a backrest, no backrest, 4 feet, or single foot. But usually, the kitchen table is equipped with seats in harmony with the village. But if you do not like monotonous designs you can buy desks and chairs separately. But one thing you should note that the height of the chair you buy should be in accordance with the height of the table. In order to eat your position is not too high or low. So, your kitchen table and chairs will look balanced.