How to decide utility room? The ideal home is a safe and comfortable home. In addition, the ideal home should have well-functioning spaces. Bedroom, living room, the dining room is an important room in a house where most of the activities are in this place.

In addition to the three rooms, there is also a utility room. This room is no less important than other rooms, where some household activities are done here.

The Main Function of The Utility Room

For a housewife, kitchen space is not the only place to run household activities. In a house, having a utility room is a must. Why? Because this is where the important activities of a housewife to walk. The utility room is a room used to wash clothes and ironing clothes. In some homes, the utility room is also equipped with a place to wash dishes. This is why the utility room is more appropriate to be near the dining room and backyard, which is easy to access dirty plates and clothes in the sun. A utility room is basically how the residents want to use the space. Because this room is important, it should be noted what furniture should be in it.

There is some furniture that should be in the utility room associated with its function as a place to wash and ironing clothes. To create a laundry room, the utility room should have a washing machine (and dryer if necessary), a sink (which is useful for soaking clothes, washing dirty shoes, or cleaning pets), storage closets for cleaning products (such as laundry detergent and laundry). If used at once as some drying chamber or clothes drying room, a shelf for hanging clothes, under-floor heating to help dry clothes and extractor fans to reduce the effects of condensation.

To create an ironing room, ironing and ironing are of course the most needed. A desk or cabinet will also be required to keep the clothes ironed. Storage cabinets for storing iron tools and products (such as deodorant sprays) are also required.

Utility Room for Boys Room Design with Multifunction Furniture

Since a boy has a lot of activities, his room should be design in right boy’s room design. A boy’s room must be good for the growth of boys. Their room must have supplies of their messy activities.

The minimalist taste of boy’s room design, the boy’s room must be completed with some stuff for satisfying their hobby or just a study room with comfortable facilities is needed to plan. A long table for studying that should be arranged or designs in a good way that a facing each other between the other furniture.

The creative area that is created to channelizing their hobbies will be good to design. Such as a side for playing music, drawing, painting on one side with a nice decoration of boy’s room design it also will be nice to arrange depends on a boy wants.

Boys room design should have some multifunction to optimize every space in wise. The multifunction furniture such as optimizing the space under the bed set as a place to save clothes, the stairs design that is also designed as a cabinet to keep toys or another boy’s stuff.

In addition, storage space for boots and outerwear is also necessary. Clothes hooks are also a compliment if at any time have to hang a wet raincoat. In some utility room that serves as a dish room, the sink is a must-have furniture. The dish rack is also a complement to keep the dishes that have been washed and wipe the towel to dry the dishes that are still wet.

If you want to build a utility room, make sure it will be used as what the room is. Note also the selection and placement of the right furniture to make the room feel comfortable when used. A comfortable utility room will make household activities more enjoyable.