Country kitchen ideas might meet your willing! Decorating the kitchen becomes unique and interesting can be done by changing the style or appearance. To get a unique impression, you can try the country kitchen style to apply to your kitchen.

There are so many designs of the kitchen that has its purposes and functions. As it says and wants, will the kitchen look too bad with no reflection of designs or the best kitchen ever with the all planned and designed in a right way? Kitchen design ideas that too much spreading in the public will be really help for designing our kitchen.

Giving a touch of ‘rural’ and ‘vintage’ will add charm to the kitchen look more refreshed so you will not get bored to spend time there. Interested to redecorate your kitchen? Here are country kitchen ideas that you can apply in your favorite kitchen.

Country Kitchen Ideas Characterizations

Dominate the kitchen with wood

When dealing with country kitchen, wood is the most appropriate choice to dominate the entire room. Wood will create a strong country impression on the kitchen. You can use some wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and cabinets. Or on other equipment such as shelves, hook hooks, and fruit baskets. You can also install the wooden floor that has been sharpened and durable. If there is no wood, then rattan can be a substitute.

The walls are made of stone

Coated walls with beautiful and colorful wallpapers? Better think again if you want to apply country kitchen style. Because to create a strong country impression, you should build a wall of bricks or black / gray rocks. Let the kitchen wall look natural with the rocks. You can just install a wallpaper with a picture of rocks or bricks, but the impression will be different if you use the original rocks.

Combination with white

Dominating the kitchen with wood materials that means dominate the kitchen with brown color. In order not monotonous, combine some furniture or accessories with white. For example, if you use a brown wooden table, you should use a white chair. Or a wooden cabinet with a white door. No need to buy a new one. Paint only furniture or accessories that exist with white paint. In addition to white, you can also combine it with other colors nuanced soft like gray or blue.

In addition to all three of the above, you may place some small plants on the kitchen island, next to the window, or near the sink to give a natural impression. Remember that the core of the country kitchen is rustic and vintage. You may only use furniture or accessories made from iron or aluminum that can be combined with wood, provided it does not eliminate the impression of a country.

Need to buy new things. In fact, old items that already look ‘aged’ are strongly advised to create a vintage impression. This is also the reason why country style is more cost efficient. In addition to the three things that have been discussed above, you can also create your own country kitchen ideas to get a more beautiful and comfortable kitchen for you and your family.