Walk in shower designs for modern bathroom in a minimalist house could be your perfect choice! The size of a minimalist home is identical to the small size of the room inside.

This is included in the bathroom. Surely the bathroom should be designed as smart and creative as possible so that with its small size still feels comfortable when used.

One such attempt is to replace the bathtub or shower room with a walk-in shower. There are many advantages to be gained and various walk-in shower designs that can be applied.

Advantages of Using Walk-In Shower Designs

If you have a small bathroom, of course, many benefits can be obtained from this walk-in shower. Some of the benefits include:

  • More practical to use

Walk-in shower allows users to get in and out without having to go through the door as in the shower room. This is especially advantageous for those with limited mobility (elderly). In addition, it also allows mom to bathe two children at once because there is no glass barrier.

  • The bathroom becomes more spacious

Walk-in shower does not ‘eat’ many places, especially for small bathrooms. The walk-in shower does not require a shower room, so it gives more space to install the other equipment needed.

  • Easy to maintain

A few walk-in shower sets make it easy to clean and maintain. No need to spend a lot of time because only just clean the faucet and shower head only.

  • More durable

Its simple design, fast installation, easy maintenance and more stable make this walk-in shower more durable in its use.

This walk-in shower provides many advantages that are a pity to miss. Therefore, replacing the old shower with this shower model is the right choice to make the bathroom more modern. Nevertheless, there are some things that must be considered when going to install this walk-in shower.

How to apply walk in shower designs for Modern Bathroom?

Although it is advisable to use walk-in shower, there are some things that must be considered for this shower can be used maximally and the benefits can be felt. Here are tips on designing a good walk-in shower in the bathroom.

  1. Put in the corner of the room

We recommend a walk-in shower in the corner of the bathroom. In addition to utilizing space, the placement of a shower in the corner also minimizes water splashes on the floor.

  1. Select the shower head that faces straight down

Minimizing water splashes can also be done by choosing a shower head that faces straight down, directing water directly overhead.

  1. Proper drainage

If using a walk-in shower, make sure the bathroom floor is angled so that water flowing from the shower can go into drainage. That way, there will be no puddles left on the bathroom floor.

  1. Hold water splashes with walls or glass

Consider building half walls along the perimeter to withstand splashes from the shower. Or it could also install a glass barrier attached to the wall.

  1. Choose a walk-in shower with steam bath

If cost is not a problem, it’s good to buy a walk-in shower with steam bath. Install both and can be sure users will feel at home for long in the bathroom.

Some people hesitate to use walk-in shower designs because the price is more expensive. But consider the benefits. The profit to be gained is certainly worth the price to be paid. So, you should not hesitate to install this shower. Walk in shower designs are unique and modern make the bathroom more interesting and fun.