Wall Decor Ideas Best Way To Decorate – Wall decor ideas you should take to make your home comfy. Walls are part of every room. The wall is a barrier between one room and the other.

With the wall, of course, our house is protected from the outside of the house such as air, rain and sun exposure.

If on our home wall will be decorated with a layer of paint with a color that we specify, then on the inside of the house wall not only we can decorate with paint. It will make our home feel boring because the walls are too plain. In this discussion we will discuss more wall decor ideas for the walls of your home will be more cheerful and colorful.

Wall Decor Ideas Best Way To Decorate – Here is 3 Best Way for Applying Wall Decorating Ideas


1. Decorating walls with Home library trend

Considering the trend of a home library, people now real concern about the design of the home library. They are really taking a big attention in planning a design for their home library. Such as the American Jay Walker, Jay Walker really takes a big attention in planning his home library. It is could be proved by his home library that becomes the most unique home library by the designs and collections. His home library is a huge room with a nice well-planned design and layout.

Since having the home library is a prestige thing to do, a unique home library that is created must have unique interiors by the setting. In this case, the plans of home library design have to be concerned as well as the layout also.


2. Unique ornament Wallpaper

If we want to have a variety of wall colors in wall decor ideas but do not want to have too much decoration then we can use wallpaper on our wall. Wallpaper will make the walls of the house become more vibrant with the ornament or a unique picture on the wallpaper. If you still feel too ordinary you can add family photos or paintings to fill the void on the wall. By placing family photos will create a warm impression on our homes.

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3. More comfort with Wall Sticker

If using wallpaper will cost a lot of wall decor ideas you can use another option to decorate your own wall, by using a wall sticker. Wall sticker is a wall decoration that is becoming a trend today because of its design there are various so you can adjust to the theme and style you like.

If you love trees or plants then you can buy a wall sticker with a design tree that you can put on the wall of the house you want. In addition to the theme of your tree, there are also other themes such as urban, light, or cartoon characters that you like. In addition to the wall decor ideas you can put wall sticker, the design is also in the form of writing motivation that can encourage your day.