Your Laundry Room Makeover Becomes More Beautiful – Laundry room makeover is practically needed! As the cause of the wrong planning of houses, the back area such as laundry room always get the impact of that.

The laundry room is simply same with the kitchen or bathroom that often becomes less important than a living room and bedrooms. It is need to remember that the laundry room should have a specific room to do the laundry activity.

It takes a long time to do both washing and ironing activities. You should definitely feel at home for long in the laundry room, the room where all these activities are done. For that, immediately do laundry room makeover to make the laundry more beautiful and you do not want to move quickly from there. Here’s how to do a makeover for your laundry room :

Your Laundry Room Makeover Becomes More Beautiful

Laundry Room Makeover on Furniture

The white washing machine and the brown storage cabinet, so classic and boring are not they? Replace your washing machine with another color or with a pattern (like polka-dot or flower) to make it look fresher. Storage cabinets are also well painted with new colors to make it more interesting. In order to look more spacious laundry room, it is better to replace the storage space with the wall / built-in. To improve the appearance, you can replace the wire rack with a wooden shelf decorated with cloth curtains.

Replace your ironing board with a more practical and friendly ‘space’, especially if the laundry room is small. Just like storage space, you can also use the wall / built-in ironing board. This allows the board to be folded up / down when not in use. To ward off boredom while ironing clothes, installing a small TV would be a fun solution.

Laundry Room Makeover for Lighting

Especially if the laundry room is used as well as a place to dry clothes, then maximizing the lighting of space is very important. Make sure the location of the window provides maximum access to sunlight. Replace the lights in the laundry room with a brighter one to add a warm effect when hanging clothes at night. Make sure you get enough lighting to look into the washer and dryer, so you can make sure there’s nothing left in it. You can also equip the ironing board with spotlights to illuminate the board surface while you’re ironing.

Another way to make a sunny laundry room is to change the paint color of the wall or wallpaper used. Use bright colors like white, pastel, yellow, or other vibrant colors. If using wallpaper, can use wallpaper that has a colorful flower motif or motif strips two colors to give the impression of cheerful in the room.

Appropriate and attractive furniture and appropriate room lighting are the keys to beautify the room when doing a laundry room makeover. Make a makeover according to your needs and tastes. Also, consider the costs that need to be incurred. The less the cost incurred the better. Doing a laundry room makeover with your own hands is the best idea to create a laundry room according to your imagination. No need to buy new items if you can change them yourself, right?

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